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  • Alustar 300

    Product description according to ÖNORM B 5105:

    ALUSTAR 300 is an aqueous cleaner for demanding degreasing processes on materials

    Energy-saving, since already effective at room temperature
    Demulsifying behavior allows long service lives
    ÖNORM B 5105 tested
    oil separators
    ÖNORM B 5105 tested; Registration number: ON-N 2011 138
    Highly concentrated, application between 1 – 5% possible

  • Anti Seize

    Anti-Seize is a micro-fine high-performance solid lubricant paste that deposits in fissured and porous sliding surfaces, thus protecting them from corrosion, heat freeze and abrasion at temperatures of up to 1200°C/2192°F. This protection is maintained even under extreme pressures of up to 200 N/mm².

    Deposits in fissured and porous sliding surfaces
    Protects from corrosion, heat freeze and abrasion at temperatures of up to 1200°C/2192°F
    Prevents friction corrosion, protects against fretting corrosion, avoids electrochemical corrosion – for more precise torques

  • Bio Universaal S


    Bio Universaal S replaces fatty depleted vanillin, turpentine, solvents, technical spirits and other corrosive and potentially harmful substances.

  • Bio-circle (Liquid)


    BIO-CIRCLE L is an innovative, efficient surfactant cleaner for use in the BIO-CIRCLE parts washer.

    It is used for cleaning and degreasing small parts in workshops, industry, and service. The Liquid contains natural microorganisms that degrade the ingressed oil, thus guaranteeing long cleaner service lives.

    Compatible with oil separators
    registration number: ON-N 2011 140
    Innovative employment of microorganisms

  • Kohatäide
  • Clarke Encore


    Capacity of 2500 m² with a capacity of 130 AH and duration of 1 hour
    charger 150 €

  • Clarke Encore aku


    Clarke Encore uses four batteries, a single battery for 200 €, a total battery charge of € 800

  • DEEP ICE FREE -50 ° C

    Deep Freeze -50 ° C effectively removes ice and snow down to -50 ° C. The thawing effect lasts for up to 3 days with normal ice formation without renewed snowfall. Floors made of marble or plastic are not affected by the slightly basic setting of the granules and, moreover, the rusting of metals is avoided.

    Long-term active grains
    completely water-soluble
    no blockage in manhole covers etc.
    no ureas

  • E-Weld 3

    Welding separating agent for steel and stainless steel or laser cutting

    E-WELD 3 is a welding separating agent with integrated cleaning- and degreasing effect. It can be used in the welding of stainless steel and other metals. In addition, it protects metal sheets in laser cutting. Contaminated components can be cleaned prior to the welding process.

    Solvent- and silicone-free
    Galvanizing and varnishing after welding is possible without any problems
    No labelling required under the CLP Regulation

Näitan tulemusi 1–12, kokku 31 tulemust